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Pretty Piggy - $45


In this online class, I will show you how to paint "Pretty Piggy" on a beautiful linen canvas, in the comfort of your own home and at your own pace in this 32 min video. A list of all supplies used can be found below. As this a self paced class, complete it in one session, or come back to it later.

I step you through easy instructions, using simple techniques to help you create an artwork you can be proud of. You have the choices of changing positions, colours and size of your piece, as well as pausing, and rewinding the video.

You are more than welcome to ask questions via Facebook messenger or email if you need help.

Due to the nature of the class, a refund is not an option. Also, by clicking the purchase button you are accepting that this online class is for private use only (not for public or private parties, or to be shown publically in any form) and that it is x1 user per purchase.

Thank you, and enjoy! 😊

Supplies needed for this class:
Paints- white, aqua, magenta, red, gold, red, pearl white, yellow ochre, black, yellow, purple 
Linen canvas or normal canvas
Paint brushes
Tea towel
Water bucket

Black & White squiggly paint
Positive, open mind
(There is a kreate it kit available with most of the supplies needed)

Don't have your own paints? Here are the links to the kits that we offer especially for the online classes. The original kit includes free postage, and if you need any other kits order them together to get free shipping for everything.


Kreate It Original Kit

(Free Shipping)


Pretty Piggy Online Class Expansion Kit


Varnish Kit

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