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Hi, i'm Kristy
and I am
Kreate It

A little about me..

Kreate it is a lot more than just painting, it's finding your passion for something creative, it's having time for you and most importantly, it's expressing yourself in your own way.  We not only offer art workshops, but one on one sessions, corporate team building classes, original pieces and so much more. 


Kreate it specialises in high quality paint and materials with unique designs perfect for anyone.  Yes I will be there the whole way through to help you out, but developing your own piece/ style is what we aim for.  Kreate it sessions are not only limited to canvas, we conduct classes on serving platters, canvas clutches, cheese board picnic boards and much more.


"I aim to make classes as fun and expressive as possible, still mainting a boutique, technical feel.  The community engagement you experience is fantastic."


Kristy (owner of Kreate it)

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