This is the Kreate it Kollection instruction manual, which is consisting of x6 laminated instruction printed leaflets (if you spill paint on it, it can be wipped off easily), housed in a folder with room for each release (every 3months, x5 new artworks will be released) and occupied with tips and tricks.  If you are like me, and are not a online/ website learned and perfer to be hands on; then this is for you!  


Learn how to paint each artwork in the Kollection, and along with the hands on folder, you also receive access to the private facebook group;  (please ask to join).  In the group you will get more tips, tricks, and lives by myself to help along the way.  You can also post what you have done, and ask questions.  


There are extra packs you can get with this Kollection. 


Ready to be shipped early next week 

Kreate it Kollection- Instructions